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A call centre is defined as any group of two or more persons who make or take essential business calls. How can you ensure that your company provides good customer service?

With new technology and software alternatives, call centre’s may now acquire phone systems that support these objectives. VoIP is the most popular phone system for high-volume customer service demands, offering numerous business benefits on a daily basis.

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VoIP Features That Can Benefit Call Centre’s

  • Automatic Call Routing

    Agents can use automatic call routing to save the customer’s time while on the phone in addition to having Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prior to the call. For example, if a customer contacts the incorrect department or extension, the agent can easily and immediately reroute them to the proper location.

  • SMS Communication

    External chatting allows agents to easily share information throughout their workday. Instead of walking across the office to another department to ask a question or hanging up with a customer to request information from another agent, agents can get real-time internal information fast.

  • Live Status

    In real time, this function displays if an agent is on a call or available. Other agents can easily access this information, so they know who is available to handle a transferred call while they are on the phone with a customer.

  • IVR or Auto Attendant

    These capabilities, often known as “digital receptionists,” use an automated AI speech function to route inbound calls to the appropriate agents, extensions, or departments. This allows agents to focus on answering inquiries and delivering customer service while routing calls is handled automatically.

  • Call Recording and Analytics

    Call recording is a feature included in the majority of VoIP subscriptions. This enables agents to listen in on recorded calls to spot patterns and ensure great quality and customer service during each contact.

  • Cost Savings

    Call Centre can save as much as 50% on their business phone service by using VoIP.

With our innovative Call Centre software, you can take customer satisfaction to the next level. Improve your team’s efficiency and interact with customers like never before.
This is where a hosted phone system, such as VoIP, could be advantageous.

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