V Ranger

Amazing and Innovative app for your field sales and support crew

Our V-RANGER App is a configured field force management system for all of your normal activities,
complete with location tracking and a field meeting monitoring system.

Why Choose V-Ranger

A single app that can do far more than just track your location. We grant you complete authority over your sales team. There is no need for technical or programming knowledge. Our goal is to make your life easier and simpler.

Increase your sales! Expand your business

The program eventually assists the Field Force Manager in administering, engaging, and guiding their field force in real time. Ultimately, the app helps in the formation of a healthy, goal-oriented Field Force team.

A refined, user-friendly program designed to enhance the productivity of your field force staff. The V-RANGER app helps total visibility of the field force in terms of location, meetings assigned, meetings completed, meeting reschedule, and meeting cancellation. Meetings and outcomes are also updated directly through the app, along with media material posting.

V-RANGER Features

Keep track of your Field Force with us today. Provide your rangers a Unique device that transforms visits into triumphs.

Location Tracking

Managers may now track all of their executive jobs in real time via their smartphone. Admin can view the current locations of all staff managers and executives.

Management of On-Site Meetings

Meetings can be created and managed by a manager or executive. The meeting output summary report will provide the manager with a real-time update on the meeting’s status.

Phone Book Management

Now you don’t need to add your end customers details again and again. Add new clients once and then reuse their information from the App’s Phone Book in the future.

Admin Portal

You can build and manage Managers and Sales Executive profiles separately. Manage Expense Claims, Export MIS Reports, and a lot more.

Logging Activity Reports

Receive detailed activity reports at the device level. Export a complete activity report for each user, as well as a device performance report. Improves teamwork efficiency.

Mobile Offline Functionality

Many field visit applications offer offline functionality, allowing field staff to continue working even when they are in areas with poor or no internet connectivity. They can still access critical information, update work orders, and capture data, which is later synchronized with the central system once a network connection is restored.

Not sure how it works?

We will assist you to identify the best option.

V-RANGER The best app for
managing your field sales and support team