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What is XPERT Predictive Dialler?

A predictive dialler is a form of auto dialler system that automatically dials phone numbers from the contacts list until it detects a connection and routes it to an accessible agent. The dialler may do this by automatically filtering out missed calls, busy signals, voicemails, disconnected numbers, and other phone-related problems. As a result, there will be maximum agent usage, minimal waiting times, and increased agent talk time, all of which will increase agent productivity.

We can call predictive dialling an intelligent call dialling and call processing system. It will automatically dial many calls from the list by using telephone numbers. Like other auto-diallers, predictive dialler call numbers automatically and can help agents screen for busy signals. Dialler system having the ability to utilize a call by checking the human agent’s availability and then make a call. The dialler software functions through a computerized system that dials which can diall list or batch of numbers and connect the call-to-call center agents. Another best feature of a Predictive Dialler Software is that it helps in dialling multiple numbers of calls at a time.

Key Benefits Of Predictive Dialler

Here are a few of the key benefits of the predictive dialer for your businesses :

Features Of Predictive Dialler

1. Call Recording & Monitoring

2. Campaign Management

3. Report & Analytics

4. CRM Integration

5. Voicemail Message

6. Scheduling Calls

7. Leads Management

8. Filter-Based Calling

9. Customized Dialling

10. Conferencing Calls


A predictive dialler makes many calls automatically, usually three to four calls every agent. The call is promptly routed to the available agent once it is answered by a live person on the other end. The technology can filter out busy signals, voicemails, and answering machines, and only connects calls that are answered by a real person.

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Major Uses Of Predictive Dialler Software




Lead Generation


Customer Service


Market Research


Debt Collection


Political Campaigns

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