What is a predictive dialer… Have you ever heard of Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that frees up your outbound call center agents from the tedious and off an error-prone task of manually dialing your contacts.It is most often the preferred choice for a high-volume low margin outbound operation where multiple concurrent outbound campaigns are run, and where the cost per call is the prime concern.

Typical outbound scenarios where predictive dialers are widely used include market surveys, telemarketing and customer verification processes. Are your outbound agents fed up with listening to unanswered calls, busy tones, answers from fax machines and other such issues? A predictive dialer neatly filters out such calls and connects agents only to calls that are actually answered by people.This dramatically increases your agents live connections resulting in aphenomenal increase in productivity


How does a Predictive Dialer Work??

Simply put, a Predictive Dialer checks how many agents are logged in at a given moment and their average call handling time, makes the calls and then patches those live calls to the agent.

Predictive Dialers employ sophisticated algorithms to predict agent availability and minimize agent idle time while simultaneously minimizing the occurrence of someone answering when no agent is available to take that call.It adjusts the dialing rate accordingly as the campaign progresses.

It also makes calls to customers even when all agents are busy on calls at that moment.It does so if it expects that an agent will be available to take that call by the time the call is answered by a customer.This will be definitely A best business solution for you to Increase efficiency and credibility!

Predict Dial or Predictive Dialer is an automated dialing system that progress the connection rates to increase the volume of completed calls. This will enable the efficiency of agents to handle the campaign calls. The main benefit of using predictive dialer is one can cut down manual dialing time to increase agent effectiveness.

Our predictive dialer is very intuitive and minimal technical knowledge and training is necessary to get an agent started on.


Key Benefit :

  1. Smart Dialling - Regulate Dialing based on available Agents
  2. Increase the Connection Calls – Improve the connection calls more than 70%
  3. Cloud or on-premise solution
  4. Improve the productivity
  5. Scalable and flexible

Key Features :

  • 100% web/browser-based
  • Easy-to-use
  • Intelligent Call Assignment
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • On-demand scalability
  • Competitive pricing