Reach everyone at once with ease and reliability

Unlike emails that can be easily ignored, a short SMS is always noticed. With our low-price services, including web SMS, easy-to-integrate API, and email-to-SMS products, our powerful gateway can help you get on top of your competition by ensuring all your customers see your notifications, and at lightning speed.

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One-Way SMS

Blasting SMS for marketing, get response from customer and do follow up.

Two-Way SMS

Send interactive SMS for mobile campaigns, surveys and polls

SMS Reporting Tool

Details SMS Status report available for fine-tune the marketing campaigns and targeted customers for maximum result.

High Delivery Speed

Approximately 10,000 SMS per minute delivery speed to mobile users. And we have tested sending of 200,000 mobile recipients with only 1 click without any problem.

System Integration

Integrate your system to our SMS server via HTTP API or SMPP. You can use any programming language for the integration. Incoming SMS & Delivery Report provided.

Powerful Messaging System

Powerful messaging system, support the following messaging types: Normal text, (Mandarin,Cantonese,Japanese,Arabic,Tamil,Thai etc.)