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What is AI Contact Centre

With conversational AI, you can deliver consistent and intelligent customer service across all channels and contacts. Deep-learning models that can generate text, images, audio, code, and other content based on the data they were trained on are known as generative AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Benefits

Smart personal assistants powered by AI have increased in popularity in recent years. They help to save time and money while streamlining operations and improving the overall client experience. As a result, the development of smart personal assistant apps has skyrocketed, offering users and developers with several benefits.

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Access Cloud Contact Center

Telephony and the cloud, the perfect combination

An intelligent and easyto-manage platform that leverages all the advantages of the Internet and the cloud :

Client relationships that take your business further

Making Your Telephony Smarter

Empathy and closeness are essential for fostering relationships built on trust. These days clients and consumers are just a click away from all their options. Smooth, quality communications at just the right time can be the di erence between winning or losing opportunities

Access Cloud
Contact Center

Manage thousands of calls from users demanding swift, efficient and specialised responses. Customer service centers need technology that routes calls effciently and generates information relevant for better service management. Technology that helps to build fruitful relationships between companies and their clients.

A service delivering a professional response to the needs of the most demanding campaigns. Here, we have created our Access Cloud Contact Center: a tool that facilitates, manages and optimises telephone-based relations and services.

Our Access Cloud Contact Center combines the most innovative benefits of the cloud with the requirements of telephone based customer service. This is smart telephony: a full platform that connects users to companies in a way that is easy, effective and scalable.

Client relationships that take your business further

The Best Answer
To Every Call

An optimised process that improves the service for each user through a more precise, more attentive and more e ective approach. Here, we have analysed thousands of calls in order to perfect the experience of the user at every step and in each interaction. And that means more automation, greater precision and a better service from supervisors and agents.

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OUR SOLUTION Optimisation

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Agents Focused
on Their Contacts

Every interaction with an agent is an opportunity to provide the best service. The key factor is that your agents can focus their attention on what’s really important: the user.

Our Access Cloud Contact Center provides agents with a comprehensive tool for managing calls with the utmost effectiveness, from anywhere and from any device.

OUR SOLUTION Productivity

Active Campaign Supervision

Strengthen the relationship between supervisors and agents in order to offer the best response. Our Access Cloud Contact Center includes features and information so you can act on any call or agent in real-time. A powerful tool for supervising campaigns effectively, optimising resources and ensuring the service quality level.


If you have the best campaign, we want it to reach as many people as possible. Because the more successful your contacts, the better your results. Here, we make the technology so you can get the most out of your outbound call campaign.

Outbound Call

Voice Campaigns

  • Automatic dialler :
    make calls at the frequency you choose
  • Preview dialling :
    agents see the contact information on the screen before they start their calls
  • Progressive dialler :
    makes calls based on agent availability
  • Predictive dialler :
    makes calls based on agent availability and
    the ratio of answered calls
  • Predictive dialler :
    makes calls based on agent availability and
    the ratio of answered calls
  • High volume :
    makes thousands of calls in just a few minutes
  • Variable CLI :
    a number of origin for each campaign
  • Automatic answering machine detection

Send out large volumes of calls in a smart and efficient way, using our automatic dialler. In summary: faster, easier and further


Intelligence for
Your Business

The statistics and reports module provides clear and practical historical results, so that they can be turned into useful information for companies. Predefined, custom reports, search and performance alerts so that you can understand what is happening at anytime, what your team should do, and what decisions need to be made. The starting point for making forecasts, modelling and optimising relationships between companies and their users.

Voice Campaigns

A company is a multitude of processes and systems for managing data. Smart telephony responds to this complexity with a commitment: by connecting the service to existing corporate tools. philosophy that guarantees the security and efficiency of all corporate data with a 360• view at no additional cost.

Connect the Access Cloud Contact Center to your corporate tools. CRM or ERP. Turn it into another variable improving management of your company.

Integration with Salesforce
use the stand-alone version of agent module to integrate it into your Salesforce CRM and link the information from the calls you receive to your operations.

Integration of other CRM or ERP systems
Integrate any web app into agent module. Whenever an agent receives a call, the platform will send your CRM the necessary information to open the datasheet of the client wh&s caning. Agents can also make calls directly from your CRM.

Feed your Business Intelligence systems
Use the full API (or web services) included in the solution to obtain all the information from inbound and outbound calls and integrate it into your own Business Intelligence systems.



Effective communications between companies and people and vice versa. A way to strengthen relationships. At Access, we offer communications solutions that strengthen relationships and help businesses to grow.

In a global, digital world, telephony is much more than just communication. It is innovation, flexibility, effciency and integration. It’s added value and a competitive advantage. We help our clients become more flexible and efficient, and communicate more effectively, through our smart communications model.

There’s no intelligence without service. Here, we believe in a personal approach to telephony. We listen and adapt our technology to the specific needs of each client. It’s the human factor that makes us stand out. Because we are a different kind of telecom operator.

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