Customers are our most important asset and therefore its vital. We satisfy and meet their expectations sustainably.

Customer Service Orientation

Honesty & Integrity

We value relationships primarily based on honesty and integrity by conducting ourselves and the way in which we do business with honesty and integrity. We create trust which is a key driver to maintaining all stakeholders relationships.


Is to provide world-class products and services to consumers from the higher to the lower tiers of the world economic pyramid. We aim to achieve this through the development and acquisition of cutting-edge technologies, the expansion of our global footprint of touch points and adherence to our core values.

Established in 2004. ITG has successfully delivered solutions on time, within budget and above all to the required quality, while maintaining focus on continuous improvement on internationally accepted standards. Today, ITG delivers as one of the telecommunications industry's broadest product range. Recognising the changing needs of its customers, we are dedicated to continuously diversify products and services.


To become the leading global Telecommunication and text messaging provider within the emerging market.